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News and information on foster care, adoption, family preservation and behavioral health from the Omni Family of Services, including announcements about new programs & services and the personal stories of caregivers.

Korben, a child available for adoption.


Korben enjoys basketball and any activity that gets him outside. He loves all things Batman and enjoys video games when he cannot be outdoors. He likes helping out around the house and is eager to learn. He tends to be a people pleaser. Korben is shy and often quiet....
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Foster Children Counting Money

How Much do Foster Parents Get Paid?

“How much do foster parents get paid?” It’s a frequently asked question among prospective foster parents. As one might expect, there isn’t a single, straightforward answer. Monthly subsidy rates vary from state to state and the needs of the child in question is...
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Martavious, a child available for adoption.


Martavious is a handsome and intelligent young man. He enjoys sports, especially basketball and football. If weather permits, he is outside playing basketball in his driveway. He also enjoys playing sports related games on his PS4. His enthusiasm for these two sports...
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Faith, a child available for adoption.


She is a very shy and quiet young girl. She is very sweet and respectful. She loves animals and hopes to one day work with them. She enjoys reading and going for walks. She also enjoys spending time watching movies and going out to eat. Those closest to Faith say she...
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Multicultural Foster Family

Benefits of Being a Foster Parent

There are fewer than 4,000 foster families willing to provide homes for foster children in Tennessee—kids who may feel unwanted, unloved, scared, confused, angry or even hopeless. Yet the Tennesseans who are serving as foster parents say the chance to provide foster...
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Nelson, a child available for adoption.


Dieunelson is known by his friends as Nelson. He is a very active young man and likes playing with Legos and drawing. His favorite thing to draw is airplanes and he enjoys making paper airplanes. He spends majority of his time building Lego cars and airplanes. The...
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Dawn, a child available for adoption.


Dawn is a friendly young lady with a quirky personality. She is talkative and likes to make others laugh. She is a healthy young lady, who is active and strong. Dawn likes swimming and playing board games. She also enjoys coloring, playing with dolls and reading...
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Andrew B., a child available for adoption.

Andrew B.

Andrew is a sweet eleven-year-old Caucasian male with light brown hair and brown eyes. Andrew enjoys playing video games, watching movies, playing football, swimming, and pretty much any outdoor activity. Andrew does well in school. He also enjoys animals. He can be...
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