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Family Support Services – TN

Family Support Services – TN

Family Support Services – Tennessee
Family Support Services deliver effective and specialized community-based services to children and families in need. Omni Visions Family Support services are designed to:
1. Prevent out-of-home placements
2. Assist in the reunification of families and children currently living away from home

Omni strives to deliver high-quality family support services to ensure children’s health & safety and to promote stable families. Omni staff work collaboratively with interested State agencies, the local community, and the child & family while providing and coordinating needed case management services.

As a result of their participation, children, families, and the communities in which they reside are strengthened and better able to function in a positive manner, with increased self-reliance, responsibility, and greater insight into individual and family dynamics.

Program Goals
Custody diversion and/or timely reunification and release from custody are the primary program goals.

Backgrounds of Children and Adolescents Admitted Into Family Support Services
Children and adolescents come from a variety of backgrounds and family histories, with a diverse array of behavioral symptoms and emotional difficulties that may include:

1. Poor internal or impulse control
2. Impaired health
3. Difficulties with peer/family/school relationships
4. Substance abuse
5. Sexually acting out
6. Aggression
7. Verbal or physical hostility
8. History of police or court contact
9. Self-harmful behavior

In addition, the child may present a variety of mental health disorders including:

1. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)
3. Depressive Disorder
4. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
5. Affective Disorders
6. Eating Disorders
7. Substance Abuse Disorders
8. Conduct Disorders
9. Learning Disabilities
Children admitted into Family Support Services have the ability to function within a community-based setting, have the ability to respond to an open therapeutic setting, and have the ability to make developmental progress. The capacity of the child to participate in school will range from a highly restricted special education setting to regular public school classes.

Assessment and Planning for Family Support Services
Omni Visions receives referrals from individuals, physicians, social services agencies, and other planning entities, at which point an assessment is completed.

The comprehensive assessment includes, but is not limited to:

1. The child’s historical and current functioning
2. The child’s strengths
3. The child’s legal, educational and medical needs
4. Family strengths, learning style, and coping skills
5. Family communication style and skills
6. Parenting skills
7. Community resources
8. Cultural issues
9. Financial limitations
10. The availability of a support network for the child and family
11. The families’/child’s view of their problems and goals

Based upon the results of the developmental/psychosocial assessment, a decision is made—by Omni’s staff, the parents/guardian and child, the payer, and other involved third-parties as to what level of services, if any, are appropriate for Omni to provide. Then the family and other stakeholders create the Individual/Family Services Plan, which becomes the centralized document to focus activities and interventions.

Behavior Management Program
Omni Visions is committed to case management interventions that are developmentally based, nurturing, and focused upon the best interests of the child. Omni is also committed to the philosophy that emotional issues must be addressed within a developmental context and that disruptive behavior is typically a symptom of delay in a child’s emotional development.

Omni’s Behavior Management Program is designed to provide an environment that seeks to promote continued emotional and physical development as an underlying goal of behavior management. The program seeks to treat children in the least restrictive setting possible and with behavior addressed in as natural a manner as possible.

Omni utilizes a positive parenting approach focused on a child’s strengths and is dependent upon the resiliency of the child to learn from previous experience and to participate in relationships. In the event of a crisis or unsafe situation in the family home or community, Omni’s crisis interventions will include contacting the police or the local mobile crisis provider for assistance and intervention.

For additional information or to make a referral, call Omni Visions toll-free at (877) 258-8795.