Omni Family of Services supports vulnerable individuals with exceptional services.

At Omni Family of Services, our collaborative approach, united team of professionals and personal dedication to this work empower us to strengthen families, disrupt the status quo and facilitate better outcomes for the people we serve.

Until Everyone Thrives

Powered by Attend Behavior, Omni Family of Services introduces a program to help caregivers and clinicians collaborate more effectively to address the most common misbehaviors in children.

Services Include:

Upon referral and consent from caregivers, families will receive a 12-month license to the Attend Behavior platform.

Families will be assigned an Omni Family of Services provider who will work with the family each week.

Together, Omni and Attend will help enable the delivery of on-demand parent training services and support caregivers as they apply their new learning to the unique needs of their families.

The service delivery program will initially consist of 20 weekly sessions.

Based on diagnosed need, additional referred services may include family therapy, individualized therapy, case management, home-based services, and 24/7 crisis on-call.

In addition to the RUBI evidence-based parenting content, the platform

includes parent check-ins, preloaded child schedules, messaging

capabilities and incident reporting.

Addressing Common Behavior Challenges Including:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Disobedience
  • Hyperactivity Attention deficits
  • Mild forms of aggression

Brief Learning Contentand Videos

  • The ABCs of Behavior
  • Strategies to help set your child up for success
  • Tips for creating effective routines
  • How to promote positive behaviors with reinforcement
  • Parenting techniques that work

Tools That Help Create a Custom Support Plan

  • Help selecting prevention strategies that set your child up for success
  • Ideas for identifying rewards that increase positive behaviors
  • Notifications that provide guidance when responding to behavior
  • Easy-to-understand charts to identify behavior patterns

Ready to take the first step?

Everyone deserves to live a thriving life, upheld by authentic, healthy relationships. But too often, people in vulnerable circumstances don’t receive the right opportunities or resources to do so. Whether they’re adults with life-long behavioral health needs, children in foster care, or families needing support to remain together, people facing these challenges need compassionate, reliable support to reach sustainable wellbeing.

Erika Ashe, LISW

President/Executive Director

Omni Family of Services Ohio