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Family Preservation

Comprehensive Support for Children, Parents and Families

Omni Visions’ services include Family Support Services, Family Visitation Services and Relative Caregiver Programs.

Family Support Services

Specialized community-based services for children and families in need.

Omni Visions services are designed to prevent out-of-home placements and/or to assist in the reunification of families and children who are currently living away from home.

Children and adolescents admitted into Family Support Services have a variety of backgrounds and family histories, as well as behavioral symptoms and emotional difficulties. Children appropriate for Family Support Services typically demonstrate disruptive behavior in school, the community, or within a family setting, and may have been unsuccessful in a non-therapeutically focused environment. At the same time, they have the ability to function within a community-based setting and the ability to make developmental progress.

Family Visitation Services

Learn how Family Visitation Services can help both the children and families that are dealing with separation.

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Family Preservation Locations

With locations across the state of Tennessee, let Omni put our comprehensive support for children, parents and families to work for you.

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Family Support Services

Community-based services for children and families in need. Omni support services can help prevent out-of-home placements and assist in reunification of families.

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Nurturing Interpersonal Relationships Between Parents and Children.

Family Visitation can reduce a child’s sense of loss and separation while in custodial care and help preserve the child’s relationship with parents and siblings.

Targeted Populations

Male and/or female children and adolescents; parents, guardians and/or custodial/non-custodial parents or caretakers.

Information and Referrals

For more information or to make a referral, call Omni toll-free at (877) 258-8795 or download our referral form.


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Family Preservation

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Omni Visions has office-based service locations in four states—Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana.




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