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Support Services

Support Services

Omni Visions is comprised of a group of complementary companies, Omni Family of Services, whose mission is to improve lives by taking care of people. We empower families by offering full-scale support services to ensure foster parent success.

Here are some of the ways we support our foster parents:

Evidence-based training and curriculum to help you learn the ins and outs of foster parenting.
Evidence-based training methods are practices grounded in and supported by research demonstrating their success. Using techniques and tools supported by research helps ensure our foster parents receive the most effective training.

Trauma informed care, training, and support.
Every child who comes into the foster care system has experienced some level of trauma. Trauma impacts every area of functioning, including physical, mental, behavioral, and social. Trauma-informed care means that we focus on treating the whole person, considering past trauma, and the resulting coping mechanisms when attempting to understand behaviors and help the child.

Small group parenting classes and foster family support groups.
We believe in nurturing a sense of community within our foster parent groups. We understand that tapping into peer-driven support is vital to the success and overall wellness of our foster parents.

Monthly compensation to offset the costs associated with fostering.
While foster parents should not expect to profit from compensation, we do provide financial assistance to cover costs associated with fostering children.

Medical support including assistance identifying physicians and scheduling appointments for your foster child/children.
Omni Visions offers a wealth of resources to help you navigate your foster child’s treatment plan. You do not have to do this alone. We will connect you to the resources you need and work with you to ensure you are well supported.

Behavioral health referrals and support.
Since every child who comes into foster care has experienced some level of trauma, behavioral health appointments are often part of the treatment plan. Omni Visions provides a variety of services, both internally and externally, to help you navigate behavioral health referrals.

24 hour, 365 days per year access to our highly skilled support team.
Never wait for a returned phone call. At Omni Visions, we pride ourselves on treating our foster parents like family. You will never wait long for us to respond to a phone call or urgent request. We are committed to being there for you during the good times and the difficult times.

Assistance coordinating respite care – and in some cases financial assistance for respite care.
Every foster parent deserves a break from the rigors of everyday life. Omni Visions will help schedule and coordinate respite care so you can take a break.

Quarterly community-building special events for foster parents and children.
Everyone needs to have a little fun and at Omni Visions, we like to thank and honor our foster family communities. Whether it’s a yummy picnic, ice cream social, or a trip to the ballpark, we believe strong communities are central to fostering success.

Foster-to-adopt support if you decide it’s the right choice for your family.
Sometimes foster parents choose to adopt children placed in their care. Omni Visions will help guide you through the adoption process and celebrate with you when adoption becomes official.