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Foster to Adopt

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The need for parents willing to adopt from foster care is increasing, and the greatest need is for parents who feel a calling to adopt children who have experienced some level of trauma in their lives. If you’re interested in helping a child find comfort, safety, and love through foster to adoption, please call an Omni Visions office near you to express your interest.

These children are in need of safe, nurturing ‘forever’ parents. If not you, who?

The Foster-to-Adopt Process

Though the first goal of foster care is to return children to their biological families, if a foster child who has been in your home becomes available for adoption, you can discuss your interest in adopting him or her and learn how to meet the requirements of becoming an adoptive parent.

Either way, you’re never alone, as Omni Visions provides training, support, and guidance. Moreover, the financial obligation for adoption is minimal and depending on state guidelines for qualification, legal fee reimbursements and adoption assistance may be provided to adoptive parents.

Foster-to-Adopt FAQ

We understand that adopting a child is a lifetime commitment. Learn more about becoming an adoptive parent with answers to these frequently asked questions.

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Foster-to-Adopt Locations

Whether you’re just looking for information or you need assistance, we’re here to help at a location near you.

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Support Services

Omni provides adoptive parents with a wide variety of services. We will help guide you through the adoption process and celebrate with you when the adoption becomes official.

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Children Available for Adoption

These children are looking for a loving family. Click their pictures to learn more about these amazing children.

Learn More About Being a Foster-to-Adopt Parent

We Can Help

If you feel compelled to care for and meet the needs of a child, Omni Visions can help you to become an adoptive parent.

Children We Serve

We serve children from birth to age 21, with most of our children in the pre-teen to teenage range.

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For more information or to make an adoption, call Omni toll-free at (800) 851-6108.

We’re here to guide you.

Step 1

Complete information request form or contact an Omni Visions office near you.

Step 2

Begin the application and approval process.

Step 3

We’ll find a match between you and a child in need of a family.

Step 4

We’ll support your success as a foster parent/family every step of the way.

More Information for Prospective Adoptive Parents

Become an Adoptive Parent

If you are interested in becoming a an adoptive parent click here to learn more and fill out our form to get started.


Omni Visions has office-based service locations in four states—Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana.


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