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Children We Serve

Children We Serve

Most of the children we serve are just like any other kid – they crave love, structure and a solid home. They want somewhere to lay their heads at night without worrying where their next meal may come from. Someone to care if they get to school on time. Someone to be there to listen and love unconditionally.

Our foster parents tell us that fostering is the hardest job they’ve ever done, but the most rewarding. It takes someone who is patient, committed and willing to compromise to be a successful foster parent. Our children are precious and deserving of a home.

Our primary focus is to support children and families in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee to ensure youth achieve permanency.  Omni provides our families with specialized pre-placement and ongoing training, a monthly financial stipend, and a highly skilled support team available 24/7.

Foster Parent Qualifications

Since most children placed with Omni have experienced some level of trauma, we specialize in providing trauma informed care, training and support to staff and caregivers to promote healing so our children can reach their fullest potential. Omni has maintained a strong partnership with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Duke University’s Together Facing Trauma program and Vanderbilt Centers of Excellence to support our efforts in the implementation of evidence informed interventions and practice for children experiencing trauma histories.

Together we can provide a brighter tomorrow for our children by taking care of people.

Power to the child. Power to the parent. Power to the family.

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