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Family Preservation – Indiana

Omni Visions’ Family Preservation & Reunification Services advance hope and healing for families who are at risk of a child or children being removed from the home or have a child returning to the home from foster care or residential placement. Our ultimate goal is to create sustainable safety and well-being for all family members.  We support this by:

  • Assessing and teaching skills to promote child safety
  • Providing 24/7 crisis support
  • Improving family functioning
  • Linking families with appropriate community resources

Our Treatment Tools

Omni Visions successfully supports families through a variety of innovative and research-based approaches and tools including:

Evidence Based Clinical Practices: 

We tailor our therapeutic approach to the individual needs of families and children in crisis.  We currently employ the following evidence-based practices:

  • TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Attachment Regulation and Self Competency (ARC) Framework:

We partner with families to reach their potential which, in turn, strengthens communities. We support family well being through the specific tools of the ARC Framework such as attunement and emotional regulation, Parents and caregivers learn tangible skills and tools to connect with their children and create healing from complex trauma.

Therapeutic Behavior Management (TBM):

All families experience crisis and conflict. Our aim is to help families use healthy skills to reduce conflict and improve interpersonal communication. By teaching the conflict cycle as well as helping families learn the difference between deliberate behavior and emotional responses, caregivers are equipped to manage their children’s behavior in the home.

Our Approach

Two-Generation Focused:

The way we build the well-being of adults is directly tied to the supports for children, and vice versa. We call this type of support a two-generation approach. Family caregivers know their children best and know best when the family is equipped to address challenges and when they need support. Omni Visions team knows how to make the most of each parent or caregiver’s unique skill and strengths.

Child and Family Team Directed:

Nourishing well-being requires a team that understands the complex nature of the challenges that families face.  A paired team of therapist and case manager partner with each family to create an achievable plan. We are committed to success through high functioning teaming both within our organization as well as with the Child and Family Team model. Our teaming approach provides the opportunity to obtain input from professionals with different perspectives and sees family members as integral members of the team.

Data Driven:

We have extensive experience in using innovative technology to create efficient processes and assist staff and supervisors in managing their clinical caseloads. The robust data we gather helps us to monitor our effectiveness in service delivery and make quickly make needed changes to improve performance.

Sustainability Focused

We recognize that families are referred for services for a variety of reasons including systemic discrimination, generational poverty and general life storms that can affect caregiver and child functioning. We assist families in navigating community resources and provide concrete assistance, when appropriate, to provide a hand up rather than a handout. Our staff seek to increase protective factors and healthy supports that will be available long after the family has ended services.

Our Service Model

We provide all services in the family’s home and community by a multi-disciplinary team that includes a family therapist and family advocate. Families receive 2-3 visits per week on average, routine contact by phone and videoconference as well as 24/7 crisis support services, as needed.   Service delivery is focused on

  • Safety assessment
  • Parenting education and skills
  • School advocacy
  • Positive pro-social activities
  • Trauma informed behavioral health
  • Anger management and reducing the likelihood of domestic violence
  • Effective communication skills
  • Crisis management
  • Drug and alcohol prevention/education
  • Housing and housekeeping
  • Money management
  • Life skills training

Available Services

Department of Children Services (DCS) Contracted Services

  • Family Preservation Services
  • Comprehensive Home-Based Services TFCBT
  • Home-Based Family Centered Therapy
  • Home-Based Family Centered Casework

Our Continuum of Care

To ensure long-term success, Omni Visions provides step-down services that enable families to continue their path to healing.  After our Family Preservation and Reunification Services conclude, we are able to provide ongoing Home Based Family Centered Therapy and case management for the family or individual family members.

Service Area

In partnership with Indiana’s Department of Children’s Services, we currently serve regions 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18​.


To make a referral, please use Indiana DCS’s KidTraks system.

Contact Us

For general information, please contact:

Andrea Goodwin, MSW

Executive Director

6515 E. 82nd Street, Suite 110

Indianapolis, IN 46250


Families currently participating in the Family Preservation & Reunification Program can reach our staff members 24/7 all year.  To reach an on-call team member, please call 317-442-0895