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Adoption FAQ

Adoption FAQ

Can I adopt through Omni Visions?

Yes! There are many children in foster care who need an adoptive home. Omni will help you through the foster-to-adopt process. Learn more on how to become a foster parent.

What is “foster-to-adopt”?

Parents who wish to adopt from foster care, must foster the child/ren for a certain amount of time before an adoption can be finalized. The amount of time required varies from state to state.

How much does it cost to adopt from foster care?

At Omni Visions, our adoptions are free. Please contact us to learn more.

Is there financial assistance to offer support for children’s needs after they are adopted?

There are medical assistance programs to help finance an adopted child’s medical and mental health needs. Depending on your state and community, there may be educational benefits, college tuition assistance, child care vouchers, subsidies, and other assistance.

Do I need to be married to adopt?

No, you don’t have to be married. You don’t even have to be in a relationship. Many single people are successful foster and adoptive parents.

Can same sex parents adopt through foster care?

Absolutely. Same sex couples or LGBTQ individuals make wonderful foster and/or adoptive parents.

Are there income or education requirements? Do I need to own my own home?

You are not required to own a home. However, you do need to demonstrate that your home is compatible with your  state’s guidelines and is suitable for a foster or adoptive child. Similarly, you don’t have to be rich to adopt. You need to demonstrate an ability to take care of your current expenses. There are no specific educational requirements to become a foster/adoptive parent. Omni Vision will provide classes to better prepare you to foster and adopt.

Are there age restrictions on adopting from foster care?

This will vary from state to state, however in most states adults of all ages can adopt. Omni Visions prefers adults to be at least 25 years old, however, this can be reviewed on a case to case basis.

Are family members given priority in adopting a child?

When children cannot be reunited with their parents, their caseworkers often look for support from the child’s biological family and closer relatives.

Can I adopt a child if I have a Green Card?

Yes, if you are a legal in the United States you may be able to adopt as a Green Card holder.

What is the average age and background of a child in foster care?

Their average age is approximately 8 years old but children of all ages can be adopted. 42% of the majority are white, 24% are African American, 22 % are Hispanic of a different race, and 2% are Native American.

Are brothers and sisters always adopted together?

Not always but research has shown that siblings placed together in foster care or adoption experience a lower risk of failed placements, fewer moves, and hold emotional benefits.