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Don’t think you have what it takes to foster a child? We’re here to bust a few myths about that!

I’m not the right person because… I’m single.

That’s not a problem at all — about a third of Omni Visions’ foster parents are single or single parents! In fact, some kids prefer a single parent. How about that?

We’re in the business of building relationships.

The coordinators, caseworkers and therapists at Omni Visions not only make it their mission to take care of the children in our system, but the foster parents as well. 

Fostering is not limited to couples; single adults can make a difference, too.

Anna Meiners, Director of Foster Home Development says, “Building relationships is the most important part of the work that we do. From your first contact with Omni Visions, we want you to start feeling like a part of the family. We will be here to support you. Every child needs at least one consistent, supportive adult in their life. Can you be that adult?”

We promise you won’t be alone. 

Are you worried that fostering a child will be too hard or time consuming without a spouse or partner? Our years of experience in working with foster parents from all walks of life tell us otherwise. If you have the heart for it — even if you are single or a single parent — then fostering is doable.

That’s because Omni is with you every step of the way. We’re your back-up. Always. And that’s 24/7.

The Omni Family of Services, with its specialized training, ongoing guidance, case management, financial support and more, becomes family.

Omni Visions has your back.

It’s been said that foster parenting with Omni Visions is like getting a personal bear hug. Whenever you need it. Can you phone a friend? You bet. It’s a direct line to someone who always answers.

You reach out and there’s someone there, someone with big shoulders, professional training and years of experience to see you through.

Someone with a heart as big as yours… with the same focus, day in and day out… to help a child heal from trauma or neglect, and learn to trust again. To become whole.

Chad Shaw, a senior regional director in Tennessee, puts it this way: “You just talk, you cry, you just become part of that family.”

It takes a team…. Come join us!

When you become a foster parent, you are joining a team whose entire focus is helping you help the child placed in your care. We connect you with a resource coordinator who will support, guide and assist you.

Omni also offers 24/7 on-call support and specialized training so that you can better understand what your foster child has experienced and how you can help him or her. 

Additionally, Omni works intentionally to build a network of foster parents who can provide mentoring and “we’re in it, too” support for new parents. This is your network, for as often and as long as you need.

When a neglected or traumatized child must be removed from their home, it upends their entire world. Achieving permanency for a child in a safe, secure, loving environment — whether that’s being reunited with biological parents or finding a forever home through the foster-to-adopt process — goes a long way toward putting their world right.

Our work, along with yours, can help heal past hurt and give these children the tools and support they need for a bright future.

Are you worried about costs?

Omni has you covered. Although being financially stable is one of the criteria to qualify for foster parenting, we understand that opening your heart and home to a child comes with additional needs and circumstances. That is why we offer financial assistance and support in these ways: 

A monthly stipend reimbursement to cover the child’s food, housing, clothing, transportation, personal allowance and treatment needs. Each state in which Omni serves has its own “level of expected care” which determines the stipend amount.

The more treatment a child may need translates to a higher stipend amount.

Medical care is covered by the state, which issues a medical card guaranteeing payment for all care and preventive medicine your foster child may need. This card is accepted by many hospitals and for approved prescriptions.

Omni will help you select a physician for your child. You are not expected to pay any medical bills directly.

Education is no-cost because all foster children attend regular public schools. Omni also helps connect foster parents with school staff who can assess their foster child’s educational needs.

Personal support for each foster family. This includes a caseworker who is available to support you on a daily basis, foster parent support groups, someone to talk with “after hours,” and help in finding any additional community resources your foster child might need.

For any child whose world has been upended by neglect or trauma, having the support of a foster parent can bring security and healing. Omni Visions can help you help them.

Ready to Become a Foster Parent?