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News and information on foster care, adoption, family preservation and behavioral health from the Omni Family of Services, including announcements about new programs & services and the personal stories of caregivers.

Zanna, a child available for adoption.


Zanna is a very expressive, outgoing individual who loves being around people. She enjoys reading books, listening to music (mostly gospel), playing with her stuffed animals, watching TV (Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud) and eating out in her leisure time. She also...
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Courtney, a child available for adoption.


Courtney is described as having a quiet demeanor and a shy smile. He likes to stay active and enjoys watching television. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken and hot dogs. Others say that Courtney laughs a lot and is most happy when he is playing outside or eating...
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Sergio, a child available for adoption.


Sergio is a likable child with a vivid imagination and a flare for the dramatic. He enjoys video games, television and movies. Sergio likes to play outside. He is capable of making friends, but needs some assistance with appropriate peer interactions. He has played...
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Andrew, a child available for adoption.


Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors. He enjoys sports activities like football, track, soccer and basketball. Andrew doesn’t have a favorite football team, but does enjoy watching the Tennessee “Titans.” His favorite television show is “South Park.” Andrew enjoys...
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Kayla and Katlynn, children available for adoption.

Kayla and Katlynn

Kayla Kayla is a young girl who loves to color. She enjoys playing with her toy horses and stuffed animals. Her favorite foods include mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets. Kayla is a little shy when meeting new people but is generally friendly once she warms up to...
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Trey, a child available for adoption.


Trey is an attractive young man, full of energy and potential. He loves playing sports, especially football and basketball. Trey would like the opportunity to play on a team. He has a competitive spirit and needs to stay active.When asked what his hopes are for his...
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Tyler, a child available for adoption.


Tyler is a laid back kind of guy.  He enjoys gaming, movies and comic books, some of his favorites are “Anime”.  He likes Rap and Rock music and watching YouTube Videos.  Tyler has an awesome sense of humor and engages with adults very well.  He will tell you that he...
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Tressa, a child available for adoption.


Tressa is currently in a non-adoptive home and is waiting for placement in a prospective pre-adoptive home.Tressa can be a sweet young lady to those she feels comfortable with and knows well. She is not outgoing until she really knows you. Tessa prefers to stay in her...
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