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After an extensive 18-month process, Omni Visions is pleased to share that its North Carolina program has achieved TFTC (Together Facing the Challenge) Certification.

Developed by faculty of Duke University’s Services Effectiveness Research Program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the Together Facing the Challenge curriculum is the result of 9 years of National Institute of Mental Health-funded studies of TFC programs in ‘usual care’ practice.  Because this model has shown clinically significant improvement on a wide range of youth-level outcomes, Together Facing the Challenge is one of only two TFC Training Programs in the nation that has received a rating of “Supported” or “Well-Supported by Research Evidence” from the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare.

With a focus on improving the skills of treatment parents and agency staff, the TFTC model focuses specifically on the in-home intervention elements (and creating adequate skill levels to implement these strategies effectively) and on the important role of supervision and coaching in helping treatment parents work effectively. The goal of TFTC is to enhance the current work of treatment foster care agencies by growing their knowledge & expertise with evidence-informed approaches that will improve practice & outcomes for youth in care.

Omni Visions is one of the first treatment foster care agencies to achieve TFTC certification.  For more information about TFTC, visit

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