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News and information on foster care, adoption, family preservation and behavioral health from the Omni Family of Services, including announcements about new programs & services and the personal stories of caregivers.

A teenage boy is sitting sadly on the steps

Consider Fostering a Teenager

At Omni, many of the calls we receive are from prospective parents who are interested in fostering or adopting a baby. But what we need most are people who are willing to serve as foster parents for teenagers, especially in rural parts of the states we serve,...
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COVID-19: Omni Visions’ Response

As we continue to monitor developments around the COVID-19 pandemic, Omni Visions is working closely with state and local agencies, including each state’s departments of children’s services and departments of health, to update our processes accordingly. The health and...
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Three women and a young boy on the couch

National Adoption Month

This year National Adoption Day will take place on Saturday, November 23, the highlight of National Adoption Month, which provides an opportunity for organizations like ours to help raise awareness about the number of children in foster care—and the rewards of...
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Signing adoption papers

Foster to Adopt: What Does It Mean?

The difference between foster care and adoption is: foster care is meant to be temporary, while adoption is permanent. As we noted in our Foster FAQ, “foster care is the temporary placement of children outside their own homes, [which] occurs because of parenting...
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Multicultural Foster Family

Benefits of Being a Foster Parent

There are fewer than 4,000 foster families willing to provide homes for foster children in Tennessee—kids who may feel unwanted, unloved, scared, confused, angry or even hopeless. Yet the Tennesseans who are serving as foster parents say the chance to provide foster...
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Courtney, a child available for adoption.


Courtney is described as having a quiet demeanor and a shy smile. He likes to stay active and enjoys watching television. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken and hot dogs. Others say that Courtney laughs a lot and is most happy when he is playing outside or eating...
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Media Inquiries

If you want to learn more about our organization or speak with an expert on foster care or behavioral health, please contact Jennifer Wigal at (615) 823-5860 ext. 1905 or
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