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Mission and Values

Mission and Values


Omni Family of Services (OFS) advances hope and healing to improve lives, empower people, and strengthen communities.


To be a thought leader and change maker in human services.



Our values can be found in the ESTEEM we carry into every situation and encounter. From families, children and adults to our colleagues, leadership, community partners and stakeholders, these are at the heart of it all.

Emotional Intelligence

We take care to accurately perceive and manage emotions so that our relationships with others (and even ourselves) are more compassionate. This means considering each interaction through a “trauma lens” and realizing that those with a history of trauma have often felt disrespected for their thoughts, as well as invisible where their needs were concerned. Expanding our capacity for emotional intelligence helps us connect past experiences with current behavior and respond more effectively.


We ensure clients and staff alike have a “safe space,” an experience free from physical, emotional, social and professional harm. Actively focusing on comfort and security helps us minimize trauma (and re-traumatization) and build a culture of authenticity.


We are dedicated to openness and authenticity in all interactions by being clear about roles, expectations and information. We build this trust by helping parents, children and adults understand the parameters and circumstances of their meetings, activities or treatment; maintaining respectful and professional boundaries; prioritizing privacy and confidentiality; ensuring interactions and rules are consistent; and emphasizing follow-through.

Embracing Diversity

We appreciate that while everyone’s experiences and culture are unique, persons of color and/or lower economic status are disproportionately represented among those who have been stigmatized or marginalized due to their trauma. We bring this awareness to our work with clients as well as alongside teammates. We embrace diversity with a respectful curiosity and eagerness to learn and grow together.


We encourage hope, healing and growth by encouraging everyone to embrace their “voice and choice.” Clients and staff are both empowered to offer and accept support from peers. This important act of mutual self-help can lead to acceptance of the whole person, post-trauma growth and resilience.

Mindful Collaboration

We strive for intentional and thoughtful partnering across our entire organization, seeking collaboration with each company, their leaders, staff and external stakeholders — as well as our clients. This mindful effort is essential to gathering multiple perspectives, enhancing decision-making, and developing models to address dysfunction. Whether it’s organizational or individual, the goal is to always view any mistakes as learning opportunities.