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DailyPay – Access Paycheck Early

DailyPay – Access Paycheck Early

One our most popular perks is the DailyPay Account, which allows employees to access their earned pay early. In effect, you can choose when to get paid. 

Offered through the software company DailyPay, this secure program lets employees request money from their Pay Balance be transferred into a bank account, or to a debit or payroll card. It’s fast, too. You can get immediate or next-business-day access to your money. There is a small fee for the service. 

Whatever money is left over in your Pay Balance after the transfer — along with pay yet to be earned — will be automatically paid to you on your regular payday.

Early access to earned pay through DailyPay can:

  • Help you pay bills on time
  • Direct more income to a savings account of your choosing
  • Provide quick access your own money in case of an emergency
  • Show how much you earn each day, making it easier to budget

It’s easy to use, too! You can use the DailyPay app, a tablet or computer to access your earned and unpaid income. The software does require direct deposit for your paychecks.

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