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Meet the Employees Behind Our 30th Anniversary…

Omni Family of Services has been helping children and their families grow and heal for 30 years.  Our unique, trauma-informed care program upended the institutionalized model of foster care placement and services, which often meant children were removed from their familiar communities and placed in an out-of-state residential treatment program.

We have continued to lead the way in foster care services. Today, Omni Family of Services is a multi-state agency supporting children, families and adults through foster care training and placement, behavioral health, adoption services and family preservation.

So, we’d like to celebrate this happy anniversary by sharing something special: Our story. 

Make that our stories. Because we wouldn’t still be here — and growing! — without the many, many team members whose contributions brought us to this milestone. 
We invite you to meet the dedicated professionals who are improving lives, empowering people, and strengthening communities every day. Their stories of what they do, how they do it, and most importantly why they do it, are inspiring.

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