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Foster Care Support Services Are What Differentiate Omni

Countless children with a mental health diagnosis or complex trauma would benefit from therapeutic foster care. Yet there aren’t enough provider homes to meet the demand.

By default, these kids are placed in traditional foster care environments, and most fail to succeed in the absence of additional services such as counseling and medication or case management.

Foster Care Support Services

At Omni Visions we specialize in providing a level of foster care support services that differentiates us from other foster placement systems. Our therapeutic treatment foster care programs focus on helping children achieve their goals with the hope or expectation that they will eventually be reunited with their birth parents.

Our model is designed to provide an exceptionally high level of support for families, including everything from additional training to 24/7 crisis support to continuing and ongoing respite care.  

Omni Vision Services

Our Johnson City, TN foster care location also features an Omni Community Health Clinic. The ability to deliver medical services on-site allows us to provide an even greater depth of support for the families and children in Omni Visions’ foster care programs. 

Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Foster Care: A Comparison

To recap, the primary difference between Omni Visions therapeutic foster care and traditional foster care is the level of support provided to client families:

Therapeutic Foster Care

Omni Visions’ therapeutic foster care features:

  • Weekly face-to-face visits, with most of the visits occurring in the client’s home
  • Access to daily case management support
  • 24/7 crisis support, provided by staff who are trained in trauma informed care
  • Behavioral case managers who have the training and experience to help families work with difficult trauma behaviors
  • Stipends that are equal to needs
  • Additional training and continuing education
  • Access to an Omni Visions therapist who works with Omni Visions foster care. In other words, client families have a treatment team, as opposed to multiple providers who do not share the same treatment milieu
  • Consistent and ongoing respite provided monthly

Non-therapeutic Foster Care

By comparison, with non-therapeutic foster care:

  • After the first eight weeks, clients visits are monthly
  • Case managers handle large caseloads
  • Case managers are not trained in behavioral case management
  • Wrap services must be requested
  • Respite care is not provided monthly
  • Foster families must identify their own respite provider

Become a Foster Parent

Omni’s Northeast Regional Office in Johnson City, TN.—conveniently located off I-26—provides foster care training, support services and guidance in the Tri-Cities region, which includes Bristol and Kingsport. If you’re interested in becoming a therapeutic foster care parent in the Tri-Cities area, we encourage you to call our Johnson City office at (423) 913-2569. 

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