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This year National Adoption Day will take place on Saturday, November 23, the highlight of National Adoption Month, which provides an opportunity for organizations like ours to help raise awareness about the number of children in foster care—and the rewards of becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

As you may know, Omni Visions operates in four states—Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana

According to the most recently available data provided by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, there are now more than 14,400 children in foster care in Tennessee, close to half of whom are age 13 or older.

Meanwhile, “North Carolina’s foster-care population has been on a steady rise since 2014, with 11,000 children in the system.”

The situation is similar in Kentucky, where more than 10,000 kids were in foster care as of earlier this year. And in Indiana, the number of children in foster care has doubled—to 16,834—since 2012, with part of the increase attributable to the opioid epidemic and a surge in the number of addicted parents who are unable to care for their children.  To help address this urgent need, Omni Visions partnered with the state to launch its first program, centered around family preservation– there.

And while more than 75,000 kids have been adopted as a result of twenty years’ worth of National Adoption Day events (when thousands of adoptions are finalized on the same Saturday), the number of kids in need of foster and adoptive parents is now greater than ever.

To request information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent in Tennessee, Kentucky, or North Carolina complete our request form. And don’t hesitate to review the profiles of the amazing kids in need of foster or adoptive parents

About Omni Visions
Omni Visions was founded on the idea that every child deserves to thrive in a family setting. Omni Visions’ foster and adoption programs serve children in placement due to abuse, neglect and the resulting behaviors from exposure to trauma.

Services include therapeutic foster care, medically fragile foster care, reunification, adoption, and family preservation. The organization provides services to more than 3,000 children in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

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