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Lillieanna & Malachi

Malachi is a very eager little brother who loves to do everything with his sister. Lillieanna, being the older sister she is, loves to play, but also loves her space.

They love to be outside together, riding bikes, playing on the playset, and sometimes they play soccer together.


Malachi is very sweet and loves sports. He prefers to play with others, and he enjoys one on one attention from adults. Malachi’s favorite sports are basketball and soccer.

Malachi would do best in an active home with structure. He likes doing crafts with his sister. Malachi wants a family with a lot of patience and love to give.

Malachi dreams of being a basketball player.


Lillieanna is very eager to please, smart young girl. She enjoys art and crafts and spending one and one quality time with adults.

She does really well in school, and she interacts well with her teachers. She likes to play outside, and she likes to talk about hair and makeup ideas. She loves to coupon with her foster mother. She loves to shop for clothes and candy.

Lillieanna thrives in a structured environment where parental expectations are very clear. Lillieanna wants a family who will enroll her in sports, a family that has an active lifestyle, and she would like a home with pets.

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