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Lifecare Family Services is now Omni Community Health

Next week, Lifecare Family Centers will take on a new name.  On October 1, we will proudly take the name Omni Community Health.

Lifecare has been part of Omni Community Health since its founding in 2014.  At that time, we merged with The Solution Source and Foothills Care to create a state-wide network of outpatient clinics focused on delivering innovative and high-quality behavioral health services to adults, children and families throughout Tennessee.  Since that time, our organization has grown to deliver services in Kentucky.

Going forward, our offices will showcase a new name and signage officially reflecting our organizational merging.  While the name may be changing, rest assured you will continue to work with the same friendly and helpful staff, receive the same services, and visit the same offices. 

Thank you for being part of Lifecare Family Services.  We’re working hard to improve lives, empower people, and strengthen communities, and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Mark Just
President & CEO
Omni Community Health

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