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Say hello to Lacy!

Lacy is a kind, caring, witty, adventurous and creative young lady. She identifies her strengths as being caring, getting along well with children, having good character, and having positive expectations for the future. She states, “I am a very genuine person and I love to make people laugh.”

Lacy has many hobbies and talents such as singing, theatre, writing, comedy, poetry, song writing, fashion, surfing the internet, and swimming. Lacy aspires to be an actress one day.

Some of Lacy’s favorite subjects in school are social studies, history, English/language arts, and writing.

Lacy loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor. The things that make her laugh the most are herself, friends, and memes. The things that are most important to Lacy are her friends, family, herself, and her hobbies.

For More Information Contact

For more information contact:

Jennifer Schariter
Adoption Coordinator
Omni Visions