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Omni Family of Services is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we are delighted to showcase the many team members whose contributions brought us to this milestone.

Every organization needs great people to keep the place organized and running smoothly. For the Omni Family of Services home office, that person is HR Coordinator Dawn Hatfield. And it’s more than the usual spit and polish. Dawn’s steady hand has steered us into that realm of organization and easy access known as The Cloud.

Dawn says it was a proud moment when she completed our HR-paperless-files-project, which involved scanning and uploading thousands of documents that were previously in physical files. (We agree… we’re proud of her, too!)

So when she says she “takes care of the people who take care of the children in our care” she means us, the grateful staff. What she’s accomplished truly does make our days more efficient because less time spent locating paperwork and managing our own employee records gives us more time to support children and families.

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