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Omni Family of Services is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we are delighted to showcase the many team members whose contributions brought us to this milestone.

Christy Torriero chose her career path because she wanted to help others the way she had been helped when she was in middle school. As office manager for Omni Community Health, she describes her typical day with a touch of humor: Add clients + email + phones + Teams + special projects, then stir. That’s because of the special team spirit she and her colleagues share. “We laugh a lot. We encourage each other a lot. We have each other’s backs,” says Christy.

This in-it-together approach is behind her proudest work-related moment, too. Billing started copying her on a wider range of emails to pull her into the loop, in case a recipient needed help with a process on her end. “It made me feel like I knew how to do my job well,” she remembers.

Thank you for your dedication, Christy!

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