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Omni Family of Services is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we are delighted to showcase the many team members whose contributions brought us to this milestone.

Anna Meiners had always known she wanted to work in a “helping” field, ever since she was a kid and admired a family in her community who cared for medically fragile children.

As Director of Foster Home Development for Omni Visions she supports recruitment teams in Tennessee and North Carolina by staying on top of policy, building data tables, helping with foster parent recruitment plans, reviewing home studies, and more.

She and her team also work to find forever homes — outcomes that are especially rewarding when a traumatized child has been in custody for years with no matches. Anna remembers one such seven-year-old girl. “It took a lot of searching but we finally found an amazing adoptive home for her. She’s now 16 years old and is surrounded by such a supportive family.” 

Thank you for your dedication and passion, Anna!

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