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Omni Family of Services is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we are delighted to showcase the many team members whose contributions brought us to this milestone.

Amy Diller has always gotten a lot of satisfaction in healthy, happy connections with others and cites her mother (an LPC) as her “first and best role model.” Still, her parents did not realize she had been traumatized because she never felt safe enough to tell them. Now, an Omni Community Health therapist and clinical supervisor, Amy says she found her purpose in helping children talk about and recover from trauma — as well as in helping caregivers better understand the language and needs of their children.

“We’ve got to start noticing and helping children sooner by becoming proactive in prevention instead of doing damage control once they’re adults,” Amy says, also noting that her team members really care about and work hard for their clients. “I have such respect for the intelligence, skill level, dedication, flexibility, and perseverance of every one of my team members.”

Thank you for your dedication and leadership, Amy!

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