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Omni Community Health CEO Mark Just was recently tapped by iHeartRadio to participate in a radio interview series called “CEOs You Should Know.”  The 90-second interview ran in rotation for two weeks in September in the Nashville market on radio stations representing a wide range of listeners, including:

  • 105.9 The Rock (classic rock)
  • 107.5 The River (pop)
  • The Big 98 WSIX (country)
  • 101.1 The Beat (hip hop/R&B)
  • TalkRadio 98.3 & 1510AM (news/talk) WLAC
  • 97.5 Black Information Network (news/talk)

Check out Mark Just’s interview by clicking on the multimedia file below:


iHeart Media present “CEOs You Should Know” in the studio.

iHR: Mark Just is President and CEO of Omni Community Health. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Mark: I’m from the Midwest, graduated from high school in Iowa and went to college in Missouri. And I got interested in nursing for a couple reasons. When I got out of high school, there was a recession going on and it looked like a recession proof business. The other reason is my mother worked at a large VA hospital and she seemed much more satisfied with her work than my father did. So I wanted to do something that meant something. And so I went down that path.

iHR: Describe what your business is about.

Mark: Omni Community Health is a behavioral health business, so we serve folks that struggle with behavioral health issues and we do that in an outpatient environment. I really view us as a means of preventing higher levels of care. So we have outpatient clinics throughout the state. We provide medication management, therapy, case management. We also do some supported housing for folks that struggle with serious mental illness. And like I said, we do that throughout the state of Tennessee and we have several clinics in Kentucky as well.

iHR: And what else would you like listeners to know?

Mark: We’re 100% employee. What that means is, you know, folks that come and work for us, if they stick with us, hopefully they’ll have a decent retirement. You know, people don’t get into this business for the money. And it’s nice to be able to take care of folks that choose to do this and really sacrifice.

iHR: Mark Just of Omni Community Health. Where can people find out more?

Mark: theomnifamily.com

iHR: This has been iHeart Media, “CEOs You Should Know”.

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