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Cameron describes himself as a happy and active young man. He enjoys most sports, especially basketball, hiking, and fishing. He prefers outdoor activities rather than staying inside during his leisure time. He always enjoys cooking.

Cameron has traveled to Florida and Alabama and loves traveling, seeing new places, and meeting new people. He says he would like to visit as many states as he could. Cameron loves to go to Dollywood and the beach.

Cameron loves animals and is kind to animals. Dogs are his favorite and cats are just “ okay.” He loves horseback riding and would like to do more of that in his future.

Cameron shared that he prefers to “hang out” with children of the same age as he is or older.
He loves to eat out at restaurants and likes most foods. 

Cameron enjoys all music genres but his favorite is country.

Cameron would like people to know that he is a good person and is kind to people and animals. His dreams for his future are to graduate from high school, go to college and become an engineer.

When asked, “ if granted three wishes what would you wish for”, he quickly replied, “ a foster home and family, that is all I want. “

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