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Geneva is a caring and enthusiastic girl with a bubbly personality. She is creative and loves fashion.

Geneva loves to actively perform back bends, splits, and flips. She aspires to be a US Olympic gymnast or fashionista! All of this and Geneva prefers to be outdoors. She likes to take long walks and enjoy nature, especially if she can walk a cute dog.

She enjoys playing board games with others, especially Candyland. In her spare time, Geneva enjoys cuddling with her unicorn stuffed animal and reading the Twilight book series. Movie nights are the most relaxing for her and she loves to watch the Disney channel. Geneva likes to sing along to country or pop music with her sister. Geneva and her sister love to practice TikTok dances and can perform all of them!

Geneva will let you know how she is feeling and can express herself well. Halloween is the holiday where Geneva’s imagination can run wild. She loves to be creative and think outside of the box.

Geneva’s favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss and it says, “Why fit in when you are born to stand out?”

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