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Zanna is a very expressive, outgoing individual who loves being around people. She enjoys reading books, listening to music (mostly gospel), playing with her stuffed animals, watching TV (Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud) and eating out in her leisure time. She also loves to sing and dance. She enjoys meeting new friends, doing arts and crafts and she loves animals. She has an excellent memory of details in conversations. Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, smoothies and oatmeal. People say Zanna is a very expressive child who will generally tell you how she feels, what she likes, what she does not like, etc. She loves trying new things and being around people. She is very people oriented and really enjoys being around other adults and children. She enjoys getting attention and thrives on positive reinforcement.
A family for Zanna will need to have a structured family atmosphere. Zanna does really well when she knows her daily schedule & routine. She would benefit the most from a two parent household where she would receive attention from both parents. She would prefer to be the youngest child in the home and she would really benefit from having older sisters.
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