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Tyler is a laid back kind of guy.  He enjoys gaming, movies and comic books, some of his favorites are “Anime”.  He likes Rap and Rock music and watching YouTube Videos.  Tyler has an awesome sense of humor and engages with adults very well.  He will tell you that he follows directions well but is not very energetic.  He gets along with everyone and has a good relationship with his foster family.  He says that basketball is his favorite sport and he is obsessed with tennis shoes.

Tyler likes to keep his room clean and enjoys doing chores.  He is currently in the 10th grade and loves reading Shakespeare.  He does not have any trouble in school but currently is working with doctors to adjust his medication to help him maintain his focus at school.

When questioned about his future goals, he states that he would like to be in the criminal justice field and work with teenagers or adolescents in a residential setting.  Tyler states he would like to have a two parent home with kids around his age and no younger children. He wants a home in the country that has pets but not farm animals.  Family is important to him and he would like to have a family that loves to eat and cooks frequently.

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