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Ricky is currently twelve years old and wants to have his “forever family.” He is a sweet boy with lots of love to share and thrives on receiving positive reinforcement as well as hugs. In addition to playing video games and watching movies, Ricky likes to ride his bike, swim and play with his dogs. His favorite foods are deviled eggs or anything mayonnaise-based. Ricky’s current foster mother states that Ricky loves hanging out with teens. He is currently in a summer day camp for children with special needs and will be entering the 7th grade in August 2017. She said that he is usually a good eater but does not like potatoes.
Ricky would benefit from a two-parent seasoned family who is patient, understanding and has an interest in learning more about how to care for him. He will need a family who is loving, understanding and caring. Ricky will also need parents who can participate with the team already working with him to ensure his emotional, physical and educational needs are met.
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