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Matthew “McCoy” is a fourteen your old young man who has a very caring side to him. He enjoys sports, especially football, and is very creative. He loves to draw and build things in his spare time. Matthew loves to eat and go out to restaurants. His favorites include pizza, ice cream, and chocolate cake. 

Matthew also enjoys listening to music and his “quiet time.” He likes animals and once had a baby rabbit as a pet. He loves traveling and dreams of going to New York city and London.

Matthew really wants an adoptive family that will love, support and be kind to him. Matthew wants to be trusted and be able to have friends over and visit with new friends. He would prefer a younger, active family, and to be the only child in the family home. Matthew is open to leaving Tennessee for any location to be with his “perfect” family. He has expressed that he would prefer a two-parent family. Matthew is open to having two fathers or a mother and father household. He is open to living in rural areas as well as urban areas.

For More Information Contact

Ann Mount, Adoption Coordinator
Cell: (865) 250-9977