Martavious is a handsome and intelligent young man. He enjoys sports, especially basketball and football. If weather permits, he is outside playing basketball in his driveway. He also enjoys playing sports related games on his PS4. His enthusiasm for these two sports also pertains to watching them on television, or attending a game in person.

His favorite food is macaroni and cheese. He would eat this at every meal if he could.

Martavious has health issues and he receives treatment on a monthly basis. He can be very charming, polite and engaging. At times, he will not follow rules or will talk back to adults when upset. He is working on regulating his emotions in therapy.

When questioned about his future goals, he states that he would like to be a police officer, possibly with the SWAT team.

Martavious states that he would like a two parent home with a boy around his age. He does not want to live in a rural area. He likes to be busy, therefore he would like a family who enjoys being active. He would like parents who listen to him.

Family is very important and he hopes he would be able to remain in contact with his siblings and extended family members.

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Stacy Pomeroy
Adoption Coordinator