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Katie is a very sweet child who is extremely intelligent and does well in school. She is extraordinarily compassionate and cherishes and seeks opportunities to spend time with others.

She enjoys crafts, drawing, singing, listening to music, helping in the kitchen, using chalk on the sidewalk, riding her bike, and going to parks. She has lots of energy and needs to be part of an active family. Katie adores animals and is not allergic to any.

Katie makes friends easily and loves wearing dresses, headbands and barrettes. She has a photo album filled with many pictures and adding new photos every couple of weeks is a big treat for her.

Katie is open to all types of families but prefers to become a member of an active and energized family.

Katie enjoys going to church and likes to say a prayer before dinner time.

Katie needs to remain in Tennessee to maintain family connections that are very important to her.

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Anne F. Williams
Adoption Coordinator
Omni Visions, South Middle Region
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