Irina is an outgoing young lady with an amazing sense of humor. She is an artistic child who likes to do art projects.
She enjoys reading different kinds of books.

Irina has participated in youth groups at church, and this is very important to her.  Creative and intelligent he catches onto new concepts quickly, and she is very capable of excelling in school. Irina likes animals, and she would love it if her adoptive family had animals.

Irina enjoys being outdoors and has shown an interest in fishing and swimming. Irina enjoys family outings, and she would love to have grandparents that dote on her. Irina would flourish in a home that can provide structure and a daily routine. She needs to be the youngest child in the home. Irina’s parents will need to communicate expectations to her so she knows what is expected of her in social settings and at home.

Irina needs a family that will love her unconditionally, and she is very capable of attaching and bonding to a family.

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