Dawn is a friendly young lady with a quirky personality. She is talkative and likes to make others laugh. She is a healthy young lady, who is active and strong. Dawn likes swimming and playing board games. She also enjoys coloring, playing with dolls and reading books.

She has a great appetite and enjoys going out to eat. Her favorite foods include spaghetti, salad, and candy! Dawn also likes watching movies; her favorite movie is Frozen.

Dawn is developmentally behind same-aged peers; she requires extra assistance when it comes to self- help skills. However, Dawn is a big helper and likes to help with household chores/responsibilities.

She keeps her things neat and organized. Dawn is learning independence and responds well to re-direction. She does require prompts and multiple reminders to stay on task.

Dawn needs to be given opportunities to explore new things, in order to increase her self- esteem and her self-awareness.

Dawn needs an attentive and nurturing family. She needs an adoptive home where she can be the youngest child. Dawn desires to have older siblings, and would like a brother and or a sister.

Dawn would do best in an experienced one or two parent home. She needs parent(s) who can provide her with consistency and a daily routine. She responds well to praise and will need lots of re-assurances.

She needs a family who is involved in their community; a family who will get her involved in things such as Girl Scouts or team/recreational sports. Her adoptive family will need to be willing to participate in her therapeutic needs and support her educational needs and goals.

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