A New Day for Omni Family of Services

For more than 30 years, Omni Family of Services has been working to advance hope and healing for children and adults, providing families with community support systems that facilitate growth and development. As our team reflected our past and prepares for our future, we found it was time to clarify our message and update our visuals to better reflect our evolving path as an organization. Through this transition and beyond, our mission remains committed to delivering unwavering support to vulnerable children, adults and families through exceptional child welfare and behavioral health services.

Until Everyone Thrives

Why are we changing?

Rebranding enables us to better demonstrate the full continuum of solutions that Omni Family of Services provides to adults, children, and families in partnership with our stakeholders.

What isn't changing?

What is changing?

Two things:

How we talk about our mission and approach to providing services

How we present ourselves visually 

Our purpose and the people we serve.

We will continue to faithfully support people in vulnerable circumstances – specifically, children in foster care, foster families, at-risk families, and people who are investing in their behavioral health.

The story of the new logo

Our logo helps to tell the Omni story and represents the most important aspects of our brand visually.

The Unity Tree is our main symbol.

In the heart of Omni Family of Services, a tree stands tall, not just an ordinary tree, but one with limbs representing the very people and families it serves and its four main areas of service: foster care, adoption, community based, and outpatient behavioral health.

This family tree is a reimagining of the past, yet steadfastly rooted in the essence of Omni's mission. Its limbs stretch out, representing the varied lives and stories of individuals, intertwined in their unique ways. These limbs embody the dependable strength of Omni's service and the tenacious care they provide. The Unity Tree represents an innovative intention to support every individual, embracing the essence of "until everyone thrives."

It is Omni’s legacy - a testament to their relentless drive to nurture and inspire hope.